Daily tarot

Tarot of the day: 0, the fool. Today has a lot of potential to be a great new beginning. Relax and have fun, embrace your carefree spirit, and don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith even if you don’t feel ready.


Daily tarot

Today’s card of the day: the empress! Today you will be in touch with your femininity. Take time to enjoy yourself, express your creativity, and be inspired by the earth. Now is a great time to consider trying something new.

I’m going to be going away this weekend so may not get chance to continue with my daily tarot. But hopefully I’ll get to take the energies of the empress with me.

Beltane reading ft concerns about my sister’s exams

Picked up some new tarot cards, and decided while it’s Beltane and the sun is still up, I’d do a reading on the best way to handle sharing space with someone who is experiencing a stressful exam period.

My 3 areas of focus given were as follows. The 9 of vessels: help those who are having a hard time. Planting a few metaphorical seeds will bring good back to you in the future. Major Arcana 14: Balance. Stay calm. In this case it will probably be beneficial to help the other person to reach a state of tranquility so that they may better absorb knowledge. The queen of bows. Show sympathy and offer understanding. Take their side and be assuring.

Huel flavours continuation

Chocolate was bad. It tasted sort-of like chocolate cake mix, except there’s a reason you only lick the spoon when you’re making chocolate cake, as opposed to drinking around 700ml of chocolate cake mix. It’s pretty sickly.

I followed chocolate with rhubarb and custard. I had low hopes for this, however when I opened it I could smell and taste what was to come – a delightfully sweet, tangy flavour. While it wasn’t a very strong taste, I did enjoy it, though I am probably still more likely to pick the banana flavour when buying more.

Next was toffee. I wasn’t sure what to expect for this, but I think I was expecting something that was quite sickly and sweet. Weirdly enough, what I got was a very sour, tangy flavour. I’m not sure whether this is because I had a sore throat and a cold on that day, though, but it was generally quite unpleasant.

Toffee did go down very fast though compared to other flavours – I had drank over half of it within about 5 minutes of sitting down to drink it at my desk. I had about 1/8 of it left after reading thisĀ book excerpt I saw on longreads.com where Kristi Coulter recounts her experience as a recovering alcoholic. Though maybe I’m just getting better at eating it.. or making it.

Tomorrow I will likely try my final remaining flavour, cacao. Supposedly there was also meant to be a strawberry flavour, but I don’t remember seeing it anywhere, so maybe it got lost in my order box. I might have a look for it, but I’m not sure. It’s also possible I already tried it and forgot about it, though that seems unlikely because I think I would have remembered.